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What Our Parents Say About Us

Cutie Pies made the transition from first time mum back into work so smooth. I was so impressed with the range of interesting and varied activities they do every day and the big focus of learning through play. Sam, Jumi, Chloe and team are so caring and attentive - my son really bonded with everyone and loved it there. We were so sad to move out of London and leave Cutie Pies!

- Jennifer Parker

Best nursery. My 3 years old loves it there. It only took him 2 days to stop crying for me when i leave him in the morning,which was amazing. They have a lot of fun activities, the staff is very attentive and professional. They helped us on many occasions and my son loves them. I highly recommend them.

- Bianca Anutei

Lovely bright nursery with attentive and caring staff. Completely fabulous.

- Xanthe Bearman

We wanted to say thank you for caring for my daughter, she was only 9 months when she started and we were so worried as it is natural, however we have been happy with the care she receives, all aspects of her development have been well supported and it is always documented through the App Baby Days, we can log in at any time and see what they did on the day. Also in the end of the day, they tell us what my daughter did. The staff always greet us with big smiles, and is amazing to see the interaction between my daughter and the team, I’m feel very much relaxed to leave her in their care. A big thank you to a wonderful team.

- Tanya Cavalheiro

We had to leave Cutie Pies due to us moving out of London, our daughter went there for about 10 months and absolutely loved it. She has learnt and grown so much since being there. She started off very shy and timid and has completely flourished, we're so sad to leave. Her key worker Diaz is her absolute idol and all the other members of staff are so wonderful. I'd really recommend sending your child to Cutie Pies if you're looking for a happy, affordable and secure environment for your child to flourish.

- Chloe Rivers

We are so happy with our experience of Cutie Pies where our daughter has been for a year and a half now. The staff put so much fun and kindness and imagination into what they do. She is so happy, learns so much each day and loves her teachers and friends. It feels very personal like every child is known well and understood as an individual. The communication is brilliant with an app and emails working very smoothly. I love hearing what they get up to. How they've navigated this c-19 rollercoaster is beyond me but they've made it look easy. The nursery manager is brilliant and so lovely to deal with. The garden is massive and rooms are big. I like the fact the setting is set back from the road.

- Rebecca Burrell

I couldn't be happier with Cutie Pies. My son is really enjoying his time at nursery - he now walks in happily every morning with a smile on his face and he is still smiling when I come to pick him up. He started just after the COVID lockdown, and Cutie Pies made me feel very comfortable and safe leaving my son in their care. Thanks very much for helping my son develop so much in such a short time!

- Samantha Annan

Made my son feel comfortable, the staff are lovely and can communicate really well using the app.

- Chelsea Elmer

I am very happy with this nursery. My daughter has been there for over three months and has made great progress in every way. Practitioners are professionals and always ready to help if needed. Every day there is different, they have all kinds of activities and trainings. My daughter is very happy and quickly befriends with everyone. I recommend this nursery to anyone without any hesitation! This is the best nursery with lovely staff!

- Veselina Tsvetanova

We LOVED cutie pies and was so sad to leave when we moved out of london. Our daughter was so happy there and the staff are all lovely. She settled in really quickly (having never been to nursery before and barely been away from us because of lockdown). Sam, the manager, is brilliant and always makes time for you. Highly recommend cutie pies!

- Laura Street



Our Ethos

"Growing with Love, Learning with Joy"

At our nursery, we believe in cultivating an environment where every child blossoms to their fullest potential. With love as our guiding principle, we nurture each little seedling, fostering a sense of belonging, security, and respect. Our ethos revolves around embracing curiosity, fostering creativity,


and celebrating diversity. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and stimulating space where children can explore, learn, and flourish. Together, we sow the seeds of kindness, empathy, and lifelong learning, ensuring that every child's journey is filled with wonder




Our Vision

We aim to reach as many children and their families as possible in our local area. Providing a stimulating learning environment with a wide range of activities to support the learning and development of the children.

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