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Food and Nutrition

Providing healthy nutritious meals is very important to us here at Cutie pies and 
we have worked very hard and taken inspiration from change 4 life to create healthy menus 
which are varied and delicious for the children to enjoy.

The nursery manager has recently completed a thorough menu planning course which has enabled us 
to review all of the meals which we provide and make tweaks to improve them and incorporate a wider variety of 
foods for the children to try.

Meal times are very important to us and we strive to make them sociable times for the children and staff 
to try new foods, tastes and textures, speak about likes and dislikes and also to have discussions around healthy foods
and the need for variety.

For our youngest babies meal times are important as they are learning to eat, chew and swallow whilst trying new foods for
the first time.

For our toddlers they are learning how to use a knife, fork and spoon and are learning to become independent by serving their own foods, making
choices and scraping their own plates once they have finished.

In our preschool room our preschoolers are beginning to make their own snacks, for example being introduced
to the use of a toaster to make their own toast (under supervision) and using jugs to pour their own water/milk.

All meals are included within the nursery fees and for our funded children meals are covered by the funding also.

If you would like some inspiration for some new meal ideas to try at home please see the
change 4 life website to see some of the information and recipe ideas:

See below an example of a weekly menu